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Introduction to Facebook Advertising

Grow your business with Facebook Ads

Our environment is constantly changing and evolving, advertising strategies have to change to keep up. Businesses need to understand the new ways people are showing interest in a product. Using Facebook’s Family of Apps and Services, advertisers can reach more people, to achieve their goals.

This article will provide a brief overview of Facebook advertising products, and how to get more out of them.

Table of Content

  • The Facebook Family of Apps & Services

  • Plan your campaign

  • Get started on Facebook

  • Facebook Business Manager

The Facebook Family of Apps & Services

Facebook product range is getting larger and bigger. Now it enables you to run ads across different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Audience network …. If you want to grow your reach and still be relevant, then you might have to explore all the ad placement options (Places where you can run Ads)

Larger Network

Reach people on their favorite apps and websites with ads across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

Multi Devices

Show your ads on whatever device your audience is present, with ad placement options for mobile or desktop

Automatic Placement

Running ads across platforms and devices is easy. Just build your ad once, then select Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network under Placement. No resizing or reformatting required.

Plan your campaign

Before running any type of campaign, you should be well prepared and you should start by asking yourself a few questions


What are my objectives ?

Be it driving customers acquisition, new leads, or sales. You should be clear on your business goals

What are the measurement KPIs that i will follow up ?

After defining your business objectives you should be able to set up a few indicators that help you assess the performance of your campaigns before launching them. You might consider some KPIs as Customer acquisition cost, average order value, retention rate ….

Who is my target audience ?

Defining the right target audience for your business is very helpful in terms of the relevance of your campaigns but also their efficiency. Try segmenting your audience using different possibilities such as (new to website, already performed an event on your app …) or downloading your own customers databases to reach them. You can use API targeting options as well for a better effectiveness.

Get started on Facebook

These are optional tools that will help you access some of Facebook’s advanced advertising products designed to get the most out of your campaigns

Use your 1st party Data

•Implement the Facebook pixel on your website or the Facebook SDK on your mobile app. These tools will help measure all the events mapped on your platform (traffic, conversions …) so the algorithm can optimize delivery, and build API audiences based on actions people take.

•Upload your own existing customer list to build audiences of people who have already engaged with your brand

Design your Creative

Creatives are very important on your advertising campaign. It is your touch point with your target audience. Make sure to deliver a rich visual experience for your potential customers

Upload your Product Catalog

In order to benefit from dynamic ads, which targets users who have expressed interest in specific products or categories on your site or app, use your online product catalog to build your ads.

Include your store locations

If you want to drive people to your store, make sure you can link your store location to your ad.

Facebook Business Manager

The basics of campaign preparation were mostly covered in our article, now before starting to execute your campaign & learn more about auctions and bids.You need to get familiar with Facebook advertising platform which is Facebook Business manager.

It is basically where all the magic happens, and where you can schedule and run your campaigns. The platform has recently launched a lot of new products covering up all performance aereas from managing audiences, designing your creatives, to analytics where you can assess the performance of your campaigns and build up your own custom reports.

You can enjoy all the great features that facebook offers to advertisers by creating your own advertising accounts, linking it with you business pages and you are all set to start your ads.

In the next article we will focus more on the advanced options of Auctions buying and the bids strategies that you can choose to drive a higher ROAS.

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